Chameleon4 - Modular Digital Synthesizer

A project log for The Chameleon System

A Eurorack hardware module with digital flexibility.

Johan BilénJohan Bilén 10/30/2018 at 09:480 Comments


I'm putting together a complete synth consisting of four chameleon modules in one frame.
As I have mentioned in a previous post this synthesizer will have the following specs:


Software files used:
Slot 1:  Namibia MIDI I/O
Slot 2: Namaqua oscillator module
Slot 3: Tigris filter module
Slot 4: Jackson data modulator

MIDI IO with channel select and MIDI clock out. Note, velocity, pitchbend and modulation wheel output.
Arpeggiator with external or internal sync. Up, down, up/down or random pattern.
Chaos Designer randomizer with external or internal sync. Range and speed adjustable via performance controllers. Note (0-112) or frequency (0-2047) output.
DCO x 4 with individual stereo panning, mixer level and semitone tuning. Pulsewidth modulation and FM. Nine waveforms (Sin/Saw/Sqr/Ramp/Tri/Pulse/WhiteNoise/PinkNoise/FM). Manual mode where each oscillators frequency is adjusted via performance controllers. Legato between 0-635ms.
DCF x 2 with link function, two individual mono filters or one stereo filter. State Variable Filter with Low, Band and Highpass filter. Resonance and manual frequency adjustable via performance controllers.
DCA with external control and bypass function.
ADSR x 2 with fast, medium and long mode.
LFO x 2 with fast, medium and long mode. Four waveforms; triangle, sawtooth, square and S&H. Cycle end indicator via gate jack. Rate controlled via data input jack or performance controller. Amplitude controlled via data input jack or parameter value.
56 point modulation matrix with 14 gate input jacks, 14 gate output jacks, 14 data input jacks and 14 data output jacks.
Audio Interface with 4 audio input jacks and 4 audio output jacks. Daisy-chain function where the audio inputs are routed and mixed directly to the audio outputs.