The beginning of a new chapter

A project log for GePS

standalone gesture controlled musical instrument

Zed CatZed Cat 10/06/2018 at 20:340 Comments

Building on the developments and research of our project "GePS - Gesture-based Performance System" (github, homepage) we are taking on reinventing the instrument. At the core, there are some key issues that we address:

Furthermore we aim for better hackability through more programming interfaces and updated documentation as well as new and exciting sound modules and content.

We will publish a new repository for the next chapter in the history of GePS. The legacy version will be kept available and working in the current repository, by back porting compatible changes from the new version.

Current Instructions & Documentation

We host the build instructions, research and documentation for the current (legacy) version of GePS on our homepage at Here's a map to get you to the right information quickly: