Better integration

A project log for GePS

standalone gesture controlled musical instrument

Zed CatZed Cat 10/06/2018 at 23:370 Comments

In order to better integrate the sensor unit we tried a few approaches. The best results by far we got using the custom Arduino design (Minibee) by Marije Baalman in her Sense/Stage project:

We soldered the MPU6050 breakout board to the Arduino board. By placing it neatly between the XBee headers, the sensor is being kept in place after plugging in the XBee module. The Sensor is "sandwiched" between Arduino and XBee.

Connect to the glove

With this design plus a little bit of sewing it was possible to create a comfortable wearable instrument. We also got rid of the 3D printed case. Shrinking the whole sensor unit to around half the original size allowed placing the electronics inside the glove, firmly attached in order to capture the gestures with best accuracy.