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A project log for GePS

standalone gesture controlled musical instrument

Zed CatZed Cat 10/22/2018 at 13:020 Comments

The GePS sound module (GePS-MAIN.pd) is written in Pure data and features a modular structure, allowing you to extend the sonic capabilities by adding new submodules.

GePS TRANSIENTS (geps.transients.pd): Plays percussive slices of an audio file by the flick of your finger. Depending on the intensity of the flick, different slices are selected. When increasing the amount of movement, a soft carpet of granulated impacts becomes audible.

GePS FREEZER (geps.freezer.pd): This freezes and unfreezes whatever audio signal you send into it, by the flick of your finger. The frozen sound is played back at varying levels, depending on the intensity of your movement.

Just recently, we implemented a Pure data external in C featuring the feedback network algorithm discussed in our research paper. Based on that external (fbnet~) we implemented a new GePS submodule, called GePS FBNETWORK (geps.fbnetwork.pd), featuring a network of resonating awesomeness! Wave your hand to agitate it, get it roaring!

New GePS submodule: Feedback Network

To get you started with developing your own modules, we prepared a template (GePS TEMPLATE, geps.mod-template.pd), that you can copy and modify. In itself it just plays back a sample when you flick a finger. But this was the starting point of all our modules. Let your creativity run free!

The GePS submodule template

Your very welcome to add your externals and modules as pull requests to the repositories (for externals, for modules). We'd love to see what you make of it!

The structure of the GePS sound module is thoroughly documented on our website (including serial transmission, various patchers and abstractions). You can find instructions on how to treat the raw sensor signals and how to use this data to control you modules, how to structure your performance etc.

We constantly work on this instrument for our own performances. You can expect more extensions to the sound modules to be added to the GePS repository over time!