Hydroponics Sensor

ESP32 based Hydroponics Sensor (Water Flow, Water PPM, Water pH, Water Temperature).

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WeMos LOLIN 32 board hooked up to:

DS18b20 Water Temperature Sensor,
Gravity Analog pH Sensor (
Gravity Analog EC Meter (
Water Flow Sensor

I used a modified EC probe based from the Three Dollar EC - PPM Meter by Michael (

This was a freelance job offered to me, unfortunately, I can't share the finished code.
This project was supposed to be a test of concept if automating the sensors in a hydroponics farm will work while still maintaining the accuracy of the readings over-time. 
The data gathered was also published to the a cloud server for viewing even if the farm was located at a remote area.

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    Some notes

    The ESP-32 board pins operate in 3.3v levels while the Gravity pH and EC sensors operate in 5V. I inserted a simple voltage divider to shift 5v to 3.3v levels on the signal pins. 

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mihaibogdan.georgescu wrote 04/29/2019 at 10:16 point

Hello, I was looking to build the same thing, can you please share your code?

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