STM8 eForth 2.2.23 released

A project log for eForth for cheap STM8S gadgets

Turn cheap stuff from AliExpress into interactive development kits!

ThomasThomas 05/28/2019 at 19:000 Comments

Don't expect  breaking changes - the STM8 eForth core is quite mature now.

The default build environment got an update to SDCC 3.8.6 (but it was tested with SDCC 3.9.0, too), and the binary export from uCsim got an upgrade (it's a nice Python script now instead of a lean-and-mean AWK scriptlet).

More internal constants can be exported with #require, STM8L chip got better support thanks to @Eelco. Coding with inline machine instructions is easier thanks to a number of bit copy and assembly interface words.

And of course, there is more docs.

More info is in the release notes: