New pre-release STM8 eForth 2.2.24.pre3

A project log for eForth for cheap STM8S gadgets

Turn cheap modules from AliExpress into interactive development kits!

ThomasThomas 04/14/2020 at 06:440 Comments

The modular build, first conceived for the STM8 eForth MODBUS project needed a change to the order of default Forth source files to work well with projects that support multiple variants (e.g. boards):

Since STM8 eForth 2.2.24.pre1 some things have been in the making and I decided to make a 2.2.24.pre2. That didn't go so well since one thing, a new RAM address extraction feature in genconst.awk apperently still was "stuck in the making". Fortunately testing the MODBUS project quickly revealed the bug!

As far as I can tell the new STM8 eForth 2.2.24.pre3 is ready for use. The final release will receive better support for STM8S High Density devices (e.g. UART3, data storage in "far memory").