Improved support for STM8L devices

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ThomasThomas 06/26/2020 at 14:400 Comments

Were it not for @Eelco and @Ivan Alf STM8L support in STM8 eForth would still be very basic (call me lazy but I don't like comparing th e STM8S and the STM8L reference manual - in my opinion ST should have written it in a way that makes it more visible where things changed and where not.

Lately. @Andrew Clapp needed a simulated second serial interface for the STM8L051F3, which was only available for STM8S devices. Supporting the TIM4 based UART simulation to the STM8L was quite simple (STM8L TIM4 is like a STM8S TIM6 with minor improvements) but getting the GPIO configuration right required many changes in the way interrupts are defined in the STM8 eForth core code. It was also a good opportunity to test and improve the modular build feature.

A repository with the working STM8 eForth code for STM8L051F3 is here. In the next STM8 eForth release it will be easier to apply configurations for STM8L.