STM8L101F3: experimental support added to STM8 eForth

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ThomasThomas 09/21/2020 at 06:000 Comments

I merged support for the STM8L101F3 yesterday. For very low power applications the chip is definitely worth looking at (the datasheet claims that it needs around 6µA at 38kHz clock when running from RAM).

New are:

The BG task works now: timer register addresses are different from other STM8L devices. That's why it will be necessary to use "\res MCU: STM8L101" for many use cases (not for getting GPIO symbols, though).

I also managed to download the code with stm8flash (!). In case someone wants to try it, here is how to wire the chip:

What's still missing is a working STM8L001J3M3 based system. The one chip on my breadboard works when I change bytes in the Flash ROM in an OpenOCD terminal session (commands mdb and mwb) but writing an ELF file with stm8-gdb stops after the first four bytes. I'm confident that there is a spare chip in the basement...

It definitively looks like the STM8L101 jinx (or self-inflicted failure) is halfway broken.