A new STM8 eForth pre-release 2.2.26.pr3 is available

A project log for eForth for cheap STM8S gadgets

Turn cheap modules from AliExpress into interactive development kits!

ThomasThomas 09/27/2020 at 12:490 Comments

The goal of this release to improve STM8L, and to support all STM8L devices, is getting closer.

I could need some help with testing support for STM8L High Density devices: there is test code in the repository but I don't have a board (yet). 

So, if you have a NUCLEO-8L152R8 or a similar board with an STM8L High Density chip (e.g. the STM8L152R8 or a also a similar STM8L Medium+ Density chip) I'd be happy to hear from you.

The GitHub issue is here.