STM8 eForth 2.2.26: The STM8L Release

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ThomasThomas 10/24/2020 at 09:260 Comments

I released STM8 eForth 2.2.26 that adds support for all STM8S "Mainstream" and STM8L "Low Power" devices, at least that's what I assume.

No, I didn't test all the 40 STM8S variants, 37 STM8L variants and none of the 47 STM8AF or STM8AL variants listed here. Instead I looked for evidence what's really the difference between all those devices and thus identified two-and-a-half families (STM8S, STM8L and RM0013-STM8L) with "Low", "Medium" and "High density" devices - and that amounts to just 7 STM8 configurations. The rest is specs and marketing "Product Lines". 

Read more about this in the STM8 eForth 2.2.26 Release Notes!