STM8EF on the ESP-14: Hacking on the Weirdest ESP Module!

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ThomasThomas 02/17/2017 at 18:580 Comments

While I was on a business trip something left a spike on the visitors graph on GitHub: @Elliot Williams wrote about his ESP-14 with MQTT-and-STM8EF project on Hackaday!

ESP-14 is an ESP8266 with an attached STM8003F3P6 in a package very similar to an ESP-12 module. Elliot used the ESP-14 for two reasons:

  1. the ESP-14 has more ADC inputs than the ESP-12
  2. a powerful ESP8266 bundled with a minimal STM8S running Forth is a crazy thing waiting to be done!

The schematics around the ESP-14 looks like this:

The ESP8266 connects the tiny STM8S003F3P6 to a Linux machine using JeeLab’s esp-link.

The ASCIIcinema recording of a remote log-in via WiFi to an 8bit Forth, with a demo of interactive testing on the Forth console is well worth watching!

Check out Elliot's article, it's great!

PS: Elliot and me discussed other use cases for the ESP-14, like battery powered IoT devices. All the tools to make this happen are now available!