Line Follower Robot

A line follower robot using LPC2148 board. Uses Vishay infra-red transmitter/receiver for line detection.

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A line follower that uses infra-red sensors to detect black lines (used a black insulation tape on white floor). For the brains, I used a LPC2148 micro-controller board. The motors were geared 60 rpm simple DC toy motors. For driving the motors, I used the ULN2003 IC.
I had earlier built a line follower using combination logic & LDR sensors. While it worked a bit, it was not reliable. The one that I have published worked well. The infrared sensors really made it work well ....well it worked great under artificial tube-light but the follower went bonkers when the sun turned up. The sensors were simple infra-red without modulation and the infra-red from natural sunlight messed it up :D. Someday, I hope to improve upon the design. It was great fun building it.

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Tushar wrote 07/10/2020 at 08:45 point

Can't help but think that Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser & line follower robot are so similar. Might just as well upgrade the line follower robot. I have uploaded the Automatic Sanitiser dispenser on hackaday.

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