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A project log for 1 Square inch 4-quadrant floating power supply

A 4-quadrant power supply built on a 1sqin PCB, +/-12V, 100mA, and floatable for multiple paralleling/series. 4layer, $10 OSHPark PCB.

Martin HeldMartin Held 10/01/2018 at 15:590 Comments

So, you would think, being a ham, I would know that 1500UTC is 9am, right?  Right?!  Nope.  For some stupid silly reason I thought it was 9pm.  So I threw together a video with a partial of my ideas for what I had planned, and I will finish the project up tonight and/or tomorrow as best I can, so there you go, judges.  This is how deadlines break a person :D

So, this project will not be 100% complete by the deadline.  To make matters worse, my video that I made this morning, I can't upload because the internet connection at home (SCREW YOU CENTURYLINK) is down.  Mondays, amirite?

Look for my video on my channel, , and I will make a project update once it's done.

I'm also going to upload a snapshot of the files for the project, exactly as they sit in my project folder right now... thankfully I had a USB drive available...