ESP 8266 Square Inch Wifi Datalogger

ESP8266 Dataloger with Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, LDR sensor. Loggs data to Google Sheets using Wifi. DS18B20,DHT22/11,BMP180,I2C bus.

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While ago I decided to build small datalogger because I made them in past but much bigger and on universal PCB. Small PCB would be great because I used this design in past to log temperature and humidity im my house. Small dimensions are great because I can put it in drywall ceiling. I decided to manufacture PCB at OSH park because they are cheap and PCB are high quality. This datalogger measures temperature,humidity,light intensity. I also included I2C header sensors can be conected to this board. I have also created Github where design files and example programs can be found.

ESP 8266 datalogger is 2 layer board which contains esp8266 procesor. This procesor is responsible for logging data from built in sensors as well as from I2C sensors conected to board. It uses Pushingbox API to log data to google spreadsheet. Google spreadsheet also manages time so logger does not have to be connected to RTC or NTP server.

Board contains : 

  1. ESP8266 procesor
  2. LDR
  3. DS18B20
  4. BMP180
  5. DHT22/DHT11
  6. I2C connector

Programing board is managed through FTDI breakout and pads on board. Board can be powered by 3.3V or battery with maximum voltage 3.6V ( lipofe4 is ideal). 

  • 1 × ESP8266
  • 1 × DS18B20 Sensors / Temperature, Thermal
  • 1 × DHT22/DHT11
  • 1 × BMP180/BMP180 Module
  • 1 × LDR Resistor Networks / Thick Film Networks

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    PCB Ordering

    Download gerber files from github or this link. Upload file to OSH parkor your prefered PCB manufacturer.

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    Ordering other components

    Order components from links in my github repo or anywhere you want.

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    Assemble components using silkscreen and photos included.

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