Wiring oops...

A project log for Thrifty Pick and Place

Building a Pick and Place machine on the cheap, in a repeatable way.

Alastair YoungAlastair Young 11/26/2018 at 02:540 Comments

I spent a couple hours working out the power wiring to remove the random wall-wart and add nice safety features like fusing, C13 switched socket, emergency stop, buck converter to step down the 12V to 5V to feed the things that need 5V, like the USB hub. Which I then wired into the 12V line and let the smoke out. Of the USB hub. And the Arduino Uno. And the Nano. D'oh!

I found another Nano that worked after a bootloader refresh - most of my spares have been loaned out to the Girl Scout group, and raided my Genuine Arduino Uno from my breadboarding kit, to keep me going until the replacements come from China. So that adds about $10 to the BOM..... Also ordered some voltage displays while I was there.

Wired the vacuum pump to the Nano's coolant control via the mosfet board - it spins on M8

Trying to keep the rat's nest tendencies at bay.