Hackaday Prize Finalist!!!! and New PCBs ordered

A project log for Teensy Beats Shield

An all-in-one, made to hack step sequencer built around the Teensy platform with LiPo charging, touch TFT, encoders, buttons, and RGB leds.

chris-millerChris Miller 10/19/2018 at 18:280 Comments

I found out on Tuesday that I am 1 of 20 finalists for this round of the Hackaday Prize!  I'm super excited to be a part of this!  I was already planning to attend Hackaday Superconference, so this will be icing on the cake.  I'm looking to do more of this type of work in the future, and the winnings for this round will pay for my trip to an industry-related conference where I can make some good contacts.  I need to complete a few more tasks (including this post) to be eligible for the final round.  This will include a more detailed BOM with links, gerber files (already added) and assembly instructions.

I have one local friend that will be building a beats shield next week when his parts arrive.  I have another person that wants to purchase one.  I am currently debating how that will work.  I wouldn't say they are easy to assemble, but if you've done reflow surface mount before, they're not that hard.

Last night I ordered new PCBs for v0.9.1.  This fixes the power button sensing issue I described in the 9/27 update.  I also added a header for a jumper that can be used to bypass the power button circuitry when programming.  Currently with v0.9.0 I have to hold the power button down when flashing.  New boards should arrive in a week from JLCPCB.

KiCad 5's raytracing feature is awesome!

I also re-routed some pins to fully break out the "power good" signal from the battery charger.  This allows me to detect when no battery is present, or the device is running from USB, reliably with no software hacks.  This does introduce one complication in the code.  I'll need some conditional blocks to define the pin mapping.  But that's not uncommon.