Github Outage!?!

A project log for Teensy Beats Shield

An all-in-one, made to hack step sequencer built around the Teensy platform with LiPo charging, touch TFT, encoders, buttons, and RGB leds.

chris-millerChris Miller 10/22/2018 at 02:420 Comments

I'm wrapping up a bunch of changes and improvements tonight for the Hackaday Prize final round deadline, and it looks like Github is having an outage!

I think my project is in pretty good shape, but I wanted to add a link to the interactive Kicad BOM.  It was in the repository in the hardware directory, but I moved it into a new /docs directory so I could publish it as a github page.  That change isn't showing.  So if you're looking for the interactive BOM, clone the project and you'll find it in the /docs directory.