Over-ear headphones with a built-in visualizer

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gloPhones are a pair of over-ear headphones that provide audio visualization of the music you're listening to. gloPhones are powered by a 2Ah Li-Po battery and are completely 3D printed. I designed all the plastic components and a custom PCB which contains an amplifier, microcontroller, battery charger and power circuitry. A single click-wheel on the ear cap drives volume control and mode-selection. Though they're currently a work in progress, I have tested and debugged my circuit board and am currently finishing up the mechanical design and firmware. Hopefully I'll get to finishing soon!

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    Kenneth Marut09/19/2018 at 17:39 0 comments

    This has been an ongoing project for me for a couple of years, but I figured it was about time to upload my work to hackaday in hopes that it will motivate me to finish soon! This was quite an ambitious project for me from an electronics standpoint as I'm not a trained electronics engineer :) It has been a great learning experience and was my first SMD PCB designed from scratch. Surprisingly the first board I had manufactured worked 85% as expected and only minor surgery was required. The PCB is based on the ATMega328p, which makes it Arduino compatible (yay!). 

    Over the past couple of weeks I have dabbled in mechanical redesign of the band and ear caps. I've pivoted from originally wanting to have 100% 3D printed parts, to using a combination of printed parts and off the shelf  hardware from McMaster.

    More updates coming soon! I hope!


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