Finishing up

A project log for Moon Germs

A one-handed portable synthesizer from the future

kenneth-marutKenneth Marut 10/07/2018 at 17:300 Comments

I'm currently in the final stages of completing the assembly and am now working on some documentation so I can submit this thing before tomorrow! I'm pretty happy with the results so far, and will be messing around with it all afternoon in an attempt to create something musical. I've updated the project's github page with a ton of information, photos, and files (, and will be uploading some more detailed photos and videos later today.

The final model!

The whole assembly

Thoughts and Ideas:

As I've been finishing up this version, I've had a couple thoughts and ideas about where to go from here. Although the device is fun to play with and easy to use, its current feature set is a little bit limited (which is okay). I am exploring the idea of creating a simple desktop app which can interface with the device over USB to allow deeper exploration into sound creation. The app would provide the user with a simple GUI with some knobs and sliders, and a way to preview and save sounds. The GUI could also have a graphical representation of the 8x8 matrix to allow the user to "draw" their own images to be associated with each sound. The saved sounds and 8x8 image would be then stored on the device. Below is a quick concept sketch of the app: