Eagle -> Fusion 360 + More

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A one-handed portable synthesizer from the future

Kenneth MarutKenneth Marut 02/06/2019 at 23:460 Comments

I was pretty happy with how my last PCB prototype turned out and was able to test out the hardware with much success. Rather than stick with that design, I decided to rethink the layout and hardware interface and have started on another revision of the board (because it's fun I guess?)

I've been focusing a lot more on the mechanical aspects of the PCB this time and have been experimenting with some clever ways of mounting switches/pots etc to the board itself. I've been making a point to assign 3D packages in Eagle and pushing them to Fusion 360 to sanity check as I go, which has been a really interesting workflow that I've been happy with. I've been a Fusion 360 user for a while now, and have been super impressed with the Eagle integration.

I also thought I'd take a shot at moving away from using the Teensy 3.2 dev board and placing the MCU directly. As I'm not an EE by training, this is pretty ambitious for me and a pretty fun learning experience. Here's a screenshot of the board so far. Still have a lot to do, and will probably be iterating on this for a bit until I'm happy with component placement.