Remote Controlled Slide Changer

By using RF technology and Microcontroller (for interfacing with pc),we will control slides by a remote

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Aim of the project
The motive of our project is to design a remote controlled slide changer using RF technology. For this, we would be transmitting the signals through a remote control device, and at the receiving end, we would be using a microcontroller to interface it with the PC for implementing the desired functionality.
Working of the Project
Once the user presses a remote button, the data will be sent by the microcontroller1 to the encoder. The encoder converts this data into serial set of signals which are then serially transferred through RF and received by the RF receiver at the reception point. The decoder at the receiving end is used after the RF receiver to decode the serial format and retrieve the original signal as the output. Using the microcontroller2 we would implement the functionality of the received data in the PC and accordingly move the slides.
Main Components used
LPC2148 microcontrollers, encoder, decoder, RF transmitter , RF receiver

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