All the milling and Lasering was done at FabLab Zuerich (sponsored) and I can thorougly recommend it, because they are a very supportive and kind group of people with a lot of Tech you can use (All kinds of software, all kinds of manual workshop tools, a CNC-Mill, multiple 3d printers, multiple Lasers, a hacked knitting machine and numerous other devices), and a lot of events and training courses you can visit.

If You use my model, CAD and CAM: My Board is 85 cm long and 22.5 cm wide and 18 mm thick. The cam is supposed to be used with a 10 mm flathead for roughing, profiling, an 8mm roundhead for horizontal finishing. The stock in my cad is 100cm x 30cmx 18 mm (meaning you need plywood with these exact dimensions for it to work). The engravings were done with an 1mm roundhead, but you shouldn't do them because they are misplaced. They can be seen in the cad and the cam, but i strongly suggest you ignore them. also the xyz zero point is on the front left upper corner if you look at it from the long side.

My trucks are standard paris 180mm raw/raw reverse kingpins, which fit pretty snugly through the hole in my board. The wheels are 70mm 78a metro dhr2 and my bearings are bones super reds. I bought all my skateboard parts and had it assembled at Rolladen Zuerich (not sponsored, just providing information).

If you have any questions or a picture of your finished product, email them to me: