Yeelight Wake up Light

Yeelight RGB wifi bulp controller on Raspberry Pi Zero W for simulating sunrise and sounding alarm.

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Project is to create a wake up light device using a Yeelight RGB bulp and a Raspberry Pi Zero W.
Project started: 2017-08-01
Status: Ongoing

Update 2017-08-01:

Ordered Pi Zero W (~ 17$)
Ordered 3,5" SPI TFTLCD Display with touch. (~ 10$)
Ordered audio circuit (DAC with I2S interface and 3,5mm audio jack for alarm sound). (~ 3$)
Ordered 3 Yeelight RBG bulps. (~ 30$)

Update 2018-09-15:

Set up Raspberry Pi.
-Inserted WiFi password.
-Enabled SSH in pi.
-Pi refuses SSH, need to follow


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