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My first attempt in restoring an old computer

TawezTawez 09/21/2018 at 20:340 Comments

I was looking for an old Macintosh for a while, but couldn't decide which model I'd like to have... I was thinking about something with 68030 + FPU... maybe with NuBus, but not too big. Then by accident I've found Macintosh Performa 400, which is actually a Macintosh LC II. It was described as "for parts or repair", but the photos were looking quite promising.

Macintosh LC II wasn't really a machine of my dreams. No FPU, 16-bit wide data bus, a 10MB RAM limit... no fun at all.

But hey, it was really cheap. I think that even if it won't work, it is a great opportunity to try to restore an old computer.

So here it is...

Let the adventure begin.