Level 4 - Mirror Mirror

A project log for Escape Room Box Puzzle Game

I don't have a room to spare for an escape room game so I made this box instead. Several exciting tricky levels to overcome!

iSaxiSax 09/18/2018 at 11:340 Comments

After plugging in the plugs in the right order the Morse Code stops and a LASER is engaged. That's what you typed right? To complete this level you have to realize that the mirror that is mounted on the box can be used to direct the laser into a hole with a ring of ws2812b leds around it. When you get the light into the little pipe the ring will start to gradually light up until it reaches full charge. This is a bit tricky since if you miss for a few seconds it'll loose charge and the leds will dim. But if you are accurate for long enough you'll see that the leds goes to full brightness and then the ring flashes blue and off you go to the next level. 

I first experimented with a photoresistor in a pipe to not accidentally trigger the sensor if you are in a light room. You could still use a flashlight and shine straight into the sensor to trigger it but if you figure that out I guess you deserve to pass the level anyway... 

The LED feedback ring is not shown on these photos but it is attached around the sensor pipe.