Level 5 - Snake (A Tribute to Nokia)

A project log for Escape Room Box Puzzle Game

I don't have a room to spare for an escape room game so I made this box instead. Several exciting tricky levels to overcome!

iSaxiSax 11/23/2018 at 23:130 Comments

Well good on you to get this far! Now what's next? It is a game of one-button Snake on a 128x64 pixel OLED display behind a lens from a slide show projector - I mean what else right? 

Let's go through the steps and I'll become apparent what I'm saying. 

First I fired up my OLED display and put it behind the lens. It's from an old thingy I had lying around, the donor apparatus is long gone and I had only saved the lens from it since I thought it might come in handy. And it did. 

This is just the display with some example program. 

Now you can see the game behind the lens. On the image it looks unsharp but it is actually very crisp and quite pleasurable to look at since the display is enlarged and slightly curved. Although I've written a snake program in a previous project for a big pixel wall I did not reuse that code but found a great code from Bauerpauer instead made for my kind of OLED module.

I was first confused when I tried it since this version uses only one button and not four like my own version or on the Nokias. The way you play is by pushing the one button and the snake will turn 90 deg to the left. It only turns left. At first I though this would be a problem and that I'd rewrite it but I then thought that this might actually ad a bit of extra puzzleness to the box. Here is a short gameplay:

Next up was to mount the stuff in the box:

The last step was to modify the code so that the game stopped when you reached 100 points =  10 apples, or whatever it is the snake eats. Once you reach 100 the game will stop and the display says "Next Level" and then shuts itself down.