Level 6 - The digital safe

A project log for Escape Room Box Puzzle Game

I don't have a room to spare for an escape room game so I made this box instead. Several exciting tricky levels to overcome!

iSaxiSax 11/25/2018 at 12:110 Comments

The next puzzle is slightly inspired by one of my favorite childhood games, Ratchet & Clank 2. I couldn't find that exact puzzle but something like this (from a later game I haven't played): 

I came up with a way to imitate the same feeling with one ring of neopixels. In the game the ring consists of three layers (I call them orbitals) of points/pixels that are either on or off. These are contained in three boolean vectors, they all have the same patterns but the puzzle starts with them shifted/offset. 

The player must shift these rings so that all of the points aligns and the offset is gone. However nothing of this is explained but must be figured out. When you turn the big knob in the middle you shift the orbital that is active. And the leds on the ring shines in the following pattern: 

Off = No active pixels

Red = One active pixel 

Green = Two active pixels 

Blue = Three active pixels

The player must switch orbital using the rotary switch in the corder in order to shift the rings around. Once they are all aligned they will all shine blue and the level is done! 

Here is a video of the first iteration with only two orbitals: