The main idea behind this this project is to build fully functional 8-bit computer, using as many Polish ICs from the 1980s as possible. Of course I had to draw the line somewhere - I decided not to use small, hard to get and difficult to use DRAM chips manufactured by CEMI. I used more modern CMOS SRAM chips instead.

The project is highly experimental in nature - different from anything I've done before, so I decided to mount in using universal PCB and a wire wrapping wire. A lot of kynar wire. It was a detour from my usual way of designing and etching PCBs. To my great surprise, I made only a couple of mistakes while wiring this thing and debugging wasn't difficult.

Just like the original 8080, MCY7880 requites three supply voltages: 5V, -5V and 12V. First one is delivered directly by the main power supply. The latter are generated by the charge pump and boost converter.

At this point computer is running TinyBASIC, using serial terminal as an I/O. it is still an ongoing project. I plan to build few additional boards containing CRT screen controller, keyboard interface and maybe even use a CF card to boot CP/M and run Zork.