Pre-production units!

A project log for Solar MPPT Charger for 24/7 "IOT" devices

An inexpensive charge controller and 2A 5V power supply designed to supply remote power for devices ranging from Arduino to Pi 3 class.

Dan JulioDan Julio 03/19/2019 at 20:150 Comments

The last couple of weeks have been productive.  I executed the final firmware validation testing and released v1.0, and completed the user manual and uploaded that to the github repository.  The manufacturing programming/test fixture is also up and running.  This project is ready to go!

Edit: I've also now listed them on tindie.

Edit 2: The day after I put them on tindie I heard from Crowdsupply that they were interested in running this device as a crowd-funding campaign.  I had originally submitted it to them in the fall of 2018.  One of their requirements is that the device not be for sale anywhere else until the campaign ends.  So I have temporarily taken it down from tindie and here. If you think you might be a good beta customer then let me know.  it may be possible for you to get a board if you will commit to sharing information about its use.