Campaign launched

A project log for Solar MPPT Charger for 24/7 "IOT" devices

An inexpensive charge controller and 2A 5V power supply designed to supply remote power for devices ranging from Arduino to Pi 3 class.

Dan JulioDan Julio 07/30/2019 at 16:570 Comments

It has taken far longer than I hoped but the crowd funding campaign has finally launched at Crowd Supply.  I have parts for 250 boards in my possession and will be sending them to my CM in China this week.  This was a worry because of ongoing parts shortages.  The plan is to build an initial run of 50 boards and send them to me for testing on the manufacturing test fixture to work out any remaining issues with it.  Then the fixture will go to the CM for use on the remainder of the boards.  After the campaign ends I will write-up my experiences with this crowd funding effort.