When the Steppers arent strong enough...

A project log for ESP8266 Plant Watering

Prevents plants death by controling water levels.

MCenderdragonMCenderdragon 11/17/2018 at 17:190 Comments

The Steppers adn the valve I wanted to use arent working together nicely. It needs alot of strength to turn the valve, unfortunetly the steppers turn around themselves when they try to open/close the valve.

For now I continued to improve the general sensor software, this resulted in a nice online graph of the temperature/humidity curve of my plant. The data is collected every 1h hour and gets send every 24h, in between the ESP enters deep sleep for long battery life. The system is not up long enough to say if its realy working or not (4 days by now)

For now the webpage looks like this I use CHAP Links Library and it looks good, also it is very straight forward and simple, it is less then 10 JS lines and you get this result.