The EEPROM arrived!

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Prevents plants death by controling water levels.

MCenderdragonMCenderdragon 05/23/2019 at 17:470 Comments

Last weekend the EEPROM 25AA010A arrived. And since Monday I am now trying to communicate via SPI with it, with limited success so far. The IC does respond, somehow. I get for supported command a 255 and for not supported ones 0. The thing is the read status message also retunes 0, even after I did the "write enable" procedure to set the Write enable bit high. I do not know if I am reading the status wrong or if I did the write enable procedure wrong. Reading from adress returns always 255. Writing has not worked so far, so most likely getting always 0 as status is correct.

If one of you wants to ask if I checked the clock speed, bitorder and spi mode: yes I did, in fact I am looping over every possible configuration and doing the the same thing while printing the results. Most promising is MSBFIRST and spi mode 0.

If anyone wants to know what I am doing:, feel free to try to find the error I made :P

Hold pin is pulled up to +3.3V, MISO and SO, MOSI and SI, CLK and CLK, GPIO4 and WP, and GPIO0 and chip select are connected.