This was my first assembly. It is a Balsa wood bridge. 

This was another assembly I did. The real I did not design the screw, but I did design the part it is in. This was to practice for the exam. It is called Cable Tie Mount. 

This was another part I built from a drawing. It is a flange.

This was a project I did in eighth grade. We watched Fantastic Mr. Fox, and while we where watching, we had to design something we saw in the background. Me and my friends tried to design the bedroom. 

This was one of my first parts. 

This was the first model I did for fun. It is a Whitley Bomber, and I am working on 3d printing it. It took me a long time, and I didn't build it very well.

This was practicing curves and circles. 

This was a more advanced assembly than the bridge. The only thing I didn't design was the bolt, and the nut. I learned a lot after building this, and it helped quite a bit. 

Another part I made practicing circles and curves. It is a wrench. 

This was a wall mount, I think for a flag pole. I learned how to create new planes.