Temperature and Humidity To Syslog

ESP8266 microcontrollers with M2302 sensors transmit via WiFi and syslog to a Pi, then deep sleep.

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I've programmed a few ESP8266 microcontrollers to wake up WiFi, poll temperature and humidity, then send the data to a Raspberry Pi running Rsyslog, via syslog protocol. The device then goes into deep sleep mode for 10 minutes and does it all over again.

I may possibly rewrite or fork the code to collect data every 10 minutes, then transmit once an hour (or longer) instead, which would be beneficial for battery powered operation. This would require something like a REST interface as opposed to syslog as syslog will timestamp all data at the time of the transaction, which wouldn't be work in this situation.


The code for the ESP8266. You can enable/disable an OLED display and serial output by uncommenting a couple lines. You must first enter your WiFi SSID, password, and an rsyslog IP for this to work.

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