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A project log for GTXL Gigatron clone computer with keyboard

Microcomputer that runs without a CPU

justin-davisJustin Davis 07/25/2019 at 12:021 Comment

I have had very little time to put into the project, but it is still my highest priority personal project.  I had to respin both the cart and the programmer board because of errors.  But I do have the cart able to store and readback a simple program.  Since my gigatron is not correctly running code yet, I loaded the first program the original gigatron ran into the flash cartridge - just simple loads and a jump as recommended by Marcel.  I have just finished verifying it on the cart, and need to analyze it running on the gigatron.

I also found a few schematic errors because I did not copy the gigatron project exactly.  I fixed those on the gigatron by cutting traces and soldering jumper wires, but that did not immediately solve my problems.  So next up is functional testing with the custom code.


Marcel van Kervinck wrote 07/25/2019 at 19:35 point

A patch wire is like a badge of honor

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