Quantity   Component name
1 × Breadboard(s) for prototyping Get several if you can (to prototype multiple circuits at once)
1 × Oscilloscope Tool for looking at your waveforms. Mine is a Tektronix 465
1 × 8-Bit Serial-In/Parallel-Out Shift Registers Such as CD74AC164E. Useful for linear feedback shift registers (pseudorandom pulse generation and cool patterns)
1 × Decade counters (i.e. CD4017B) Optional: useful for cyclical pattern creation (but shift registers can do this, too)
1 × Membership at your local Makerspace Use the laser cutter and vacuum former to make your piezo speaker case
1 × Pyroelectrical motion sensor Such as LHi 778 -- useful for interactive effects
1 × 7805 IC Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 1.5A Used to convert 12V DC to 5V for powering logic ICs
1 × LM741 Op amp (pre-amp) "Pre-amp" for working with small signals
1 × Flush wire cutters Don't use them for anything but electrical wire or you'll dull the blade
1 × Glue Hot glue, super glue, and UV glue come in handy
1 × Tape Electrical tape and masking tape are useful
1 × .080 acrylic (plexiglas) For vacuum forming piezo speaker casing
1 × Power jack (CONN PWR JACK 2X5.5MM SOLDER) To connect your power supply to your breadboard
1 × 12 volt DC power supply 500 mA minimum. A higher current rating gives you more flexibility
1 × Heat gun For heat shrink tubing. You can also use the tip of your solder iron in a pinch
1 × Heat shrink tubing Get some for 22 gauge wire connections and maybe a few sizes bigger
1 × Carbon film resistors (1/4 watt) 100 ohm, 330 ohm, 1K, 1.5K, 2.2K, 4.7K, 10K, 12K, 20K, 30K, 47K, 100K, 220K, 1M
1 × IC GATE NAND 2-INP 14DIP Optional: in case you want logic gates in an IC (i.e. type CD4093)
1 × 1N750 4.7 Volt Zener Diode In order to build Aaron Logue and Charles Platt's "Really, really Random Number Generator" for my "Mother Nature Board"
1 × CONN IC DIP SOCKET 14POS TIN (and 8POS) Solder these into perfboard instead of soldering (and killing) your ICs
1 × IC GATE XOR 4CH 2-INP 14DIP Optional: in case you want logic gates in an IC (i.e. type SN74AHCT86N)
1 × Wire strippers I like this style: Digikey part #PA1161-ND
1 × PHOTOCELL (i.e. 16-33KOHM) Photo resistors are handy for light-sensitive effects / interactivity
1 × Piezo buzzer element with feedback 2.8KHz or 2.9 KHz work well but play with others to see how the sound changes
1 × DESOLDER BRAID ROSIN 0.145" 5' To remove solder when you make a mistake
1 × Variable resistors or potentiometers Optional: useful for a knob (to change resistance), but I often swap out resistors b/c these can get pricey
1 × Hook-up wire 22 gauge solid wire in red, black, and white (for prototyping)
1 × Stranded wire 22 gauge. Stranded wire is good for final circuit b/c it doesn't break as easily as solid.
1 × Electrolytic capacitors (at least 16 volt rating) 0.22 uF, 0.47 uF, 1 uF, 2.2 uF, 4.7 uF, 10 uF 22 uF, 47 uF, 100 uF, 470 uF, 1000 uF
1 × Parts bin Somewhere to store your different parts in labeled bins
1 × Solder iron, ideally with adjustable temperature I like the adjustable temperature Weller irons. You also need a stand for the iron and a sponge to clean your tip
1 × Solder Lead solder requires a ventilated workspace but works best
1 × Op amp LM386 Good power amplifier for low voltage applications
1 × Spray paint and cardboard If you want a cheap way to make your perfboard circuits looks cool (alternative to custom PCBs)
1 × Multimeter For measuring DC voltages, resistance, and testing for short circuits
1 × Ceramic capacitors .0001 uF, .001 uF, .01 uF, .1 uF, .00047, .0047, .047
1 × NPN transistors I use 2N3904 extensively and BC547 on occasion (for piezo speaker)
1 × PNP transistors I use 2N3906
1 × Mosfets I use BS170
1 × Perfboard Get a kit with various sizes - available on Amazon
1 × KiCad Free software that is useful for circuit design and printed circuit board (PCB) layout
1 × 555 timer IC chips These are handy for so many things.
1 × 1N4148 diodes General purpose handy signal diode, not to be confused with zener
1 × LEDs (3mm or 5mm) Green or red are the cheapest and easiest for testing your circuits.
1 × Hex Inverter IC chips (such as SN74LS04N) Nifty device that inverts a signal and can also be used as an oscillator
1 × XOR logic gates (such as SN74AHCT86N) Exclusive or logic gates that are useful for making patterns and linear feedback shift registers (pseudorandom pulse generation)