• PPE WEEK 1: DAY #1, Intro

    A.L09/24/2018 at 13:28 0 comments

    At the Electronic School of Engineering of Paris we have to do a group project for 7months. 

    This group project is called a PPE.

    "The multidisciplinary team project (PPE) is an innovative project centered on a multidisciplinary subject. The PPE meets a dual challenge: the ability to build a genuine team project and to ensure its technical implemetation." (from profet.ece.fr)

    Our team is composed of 5 french students and 1 Spanish students.

    We are also helped by other people, student and teachers who are interested in the project.

    This week is reserved to work on our project and we agreed on goals to achieve this week:

    1. Install Linux distributions on our machines and all the necessery programs for dev
    2. Build a fonctionning wheelbase and pass a mock homologation test
    3. Master the sharing tools, github, wiki, hackaday.io

    Today's tasks are:

    • Install the linux distributions, determine the programs we are going to use
    • Install and Configure the environnement GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain
    • Familiarize ourselves with the STM32 a 32bit microcontroller integrated circuit
    • Start Prototyping the shield for the STM32
    • Familiarize ourselves with hackaday.io and github's wiki
    • Draw different actuators


    The project really started today, we achieved some of our goals but we encountered difficulties when installing the environment as we are not familiar with it.