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UNMANNED GROUND VEHICLE, Compatible with Arduino

ahmed-azouzAhmed Azouz 09/27/2018 at 06:520 Comments

It can be programmed to be self-driving follow a set of instructions or even be controlled from a remote computer, and it can be used via game controllers and custom joysticks like a remote control car. Another method to control the robot through a windows-based applications like a rescuer-bot or spy-bot to creep up on your friends, and it can also be controlled autonomously using self-driving code. The robotic possibilities are endless! It’s extremely robust which make it great foundation for all kinds of projects, for M1-Robot I have loads of code examples and even openCV code you can download, these are great regardless of whether you are “just getting started” or you are trying to make your robot doing really cool things. It developed in a low cost material and expendable wheeled-robot. This state-of-the art robot has the potential to be used in rescue, government, and civilian purposes.