Log 2: EEPROM Programming

A project log for SYNDRUM: An Atari 2600 Drum Machine

Yeah, so I wrote a little program and built a hardware interface that turned my Atari VCS into a MIDI-capable drum machine

john-sutleyJohn Sutley 09/26/2018 at 22:480 Comments
Behold! The AT28C256 EEPROM

After batari Basic compiled the the program into a binary file (default.bas.bin), I burned it to an EEPROM [in this case an Atmel AT28C256]. 

The EPROM programmer I used was one of those little TL866II Plus programmers you find after searching "eprom programmer" on eBay and checking the 'Under $75.00' box.

Upon receiving the programmer with a highly suspect mini CD, I set up a Windows XP VM and tossed the disk in the trash. Then I needed the software. After some extensive googling, I found it in some sketchy back-alleyway of the internet:

Here it is! Click Me!

Yeah, run this one in a VM. I used version minipro_setup671 and it seemed to work without much fussing about. Obviously, I'd recommend picking up a name-brand programmer with all kinds of fancy software support that WON'T steal your credit card number in the background. Well, if you have the means...

Ah, the memories!
My computer might be at risk. Better delete system32.