Retrofitting the radio

A project log for Dr. Hallard's Dream Transmission Box

A custom puzzle box created for an original party game.

thomas.mestonthomas.meston 09/26/2018 at 04:550 Comments

Everything crammed into the box. Probably should have spent just one more hour making it less of a rats nest. The party light ended up taking more room than anticipated. I added a mirror to the inside of the lid for extra party light action.

Here you can see i had to come up with completely new metal structures salvaged from other parts to install the potentiometers to the analogue dials. This involved many days of headaches, calibration and lots of cold welding. The 12volt relay fit in quite nicely allowing for two plug in devices to be triggered by the box. The goal was to trigger the party light and a small smoke machine hidden behind the box when the winning code was entered.

The box ready for prime-time. The bottom left dial needed some sort of information around the dial so we chose a colorwheel for code entries. The other dial and switches are not in play.