The Singing Tree

This was a component of an interactive art installment that plays audio files based on motion detected around an artificial tree.

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This project was a part of an interactive art installment built for a community engagement event in 2016. I worked on it with a group of friends and miscellaneous people that drifted in and out while the final construction was happening. The room was titled "The Interactive Forest" and it included a bunch of other spectacular artwork and decorations all built by members of the team.

An artificial tree was constructed of wooden beams, chicken wire, and paper bags. The base of the tree contained a speaker system and the Raspberry Pi used to run the code and read the sensor inputs. Inside the upper parts of the tree, four PIR sensors were placed in order to detect motion in the four quadrants of the tree. Moving from one quadrant to the next would trigger the sensor and playing a .wav file through the speaker system. One person could move around the tree and make music or multiple people could each trigger separate sensors to make music as a group.

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