buffering ram data from serial (it will be compressed for terminal output)

A project log for mlx90640 sensor works w 800 bytes

Everywhere i read people are excited to get mlx90640 working. here are examples using arduino w 800bytes ram, and 1k with calibrated DEG C

jamesdanielvjamesdanielv 09/12/2019 at 13:570 Comments

i had to use the atmega with 8k of ram just so i could test the concept of caching all the ram data in the serial cache. i can do it with compression and get the same output speed as teensy-lc. part of the issue with serial data is that it is all sent after each mem read and calculation of To. in either process the mem read is not yet the fastest. I plan to optimize the mem Calculations as well.

this is only visual. the main interest for this project is to get it outputting to lcd.

anyway before i compress serial output, i wanted to see how much improvement it would have at output uncompressed. 

these are done on 16mhz arduino 1280. with 8k of ram. uncompressed buffer is 3072 bytes. i will get the data output down to 96 bytes. but before i do that work, i wanted to be sure it improved output to serial terminal.


buffered faster output to display. (my hand was cold from walking the dog outside. so fingers dont show up that good. lol. sorry.)