syncing the line numbers and adding START,END for exporting programs

A project log for mlx90640 sensor works w 800 bytes

Everywhere i read people are excited to get mlx90640 working. here are examples using arduino w 800bytes ram, and 1k with calibrated DEG C

jamesdanielvjamesdanielv 09/13/2019 at 02:410 Comments

these updates will come with the changes i'm releasing 9/13/19. (not released it is 9/19 and still testing )

I'm adding some extra stuff that makes sending data to another program easier. this is the low res ascii output but the same will be done for the raw data output (raw data output will be able to be 32x24 or 64x48) . when the frame is started it sends out a 'start' and when it ends it sends out 'END" and each line is numbered. this reduces the chance of a data error corrupting more than one line from scan. and it helps keep the data in sync on another device.