Small scale testing for UV resin curing

A project log for Collapsible UV LED Lamp + Resin Oven

This tutorial goes over the making of a collapsible UV light, made from UV LED strips, and a flexible-but-rigid foil + air backer.

audreyobscuraaudreyobscura 07/21/2020 at 18:080 Comments

I recently had some really excellent feedback on this project and was prompted to create some resin curing experiments.

Here's a short vid explaining how I tested this $50 DIY UV lamp for resin curing, and I hope to continue to share updates

Things that could effect exposure time:

The second test completed replaces the rigid PVC frame with simple A-clamps and more bubble-foil material. I shaped the lamp into a loaf like shape, and secured it with clamps to an additional small piece of bubble foil.

Since the light was being emitted and reflected from multiple directions this time, I did notice that the resin was a bit stiffer and didn't require a wipe-down with IPA to chemically remove stickiness.

Here's a video demonstrating using the lamp in this flexed configuration with diffraction grating.