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A project log for Collapsible UV LED Lamp + Resin Oven

This tutorial goes over the making of a collapsible UV light, made from UV LED strips, and a flexible-but-rigid foil + air backer.

audreyobscuraaudreyobscura 08/10/2020 at 19:320 Comments

I have been doing further product research to see how this UV curing lamp could become more portable and work with easy to find off-the-shelf components that require minimal tools or easy-to-execute fabrication. 

Pricing for 24"x24" flexible, portable UV curing lamp

Total - $45.50


Optional portable battery pack to make this resin oven more field-ready brings the cost to ~$80

The portable battery pack linked above is ready to be paired with the flexible UV lamp design right out of the box. The battery pack is listed at supporting a 6000maH charge - which would equal 72wH. Since this UV lamp uses 24W, you could get 3 hours of UV exposures with this particular battery pack.