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A project log for Collapsible UV LED Lamp + Resin Oven

This tutorial goes over the making of a collapsible UV light, made from UV LED strips, and a flexible-but-rigid foil + air backer.

audreyobscuraaudreyobscura 09/14/2020 at 04:352 Comments

Looking for additional 'off-the-shelf' parts to modify

I took some time to share the Hackaday Prize design goals of portability and accessibility with some of my creative friends and showed them what I had already made, and one of them showed me a pre-manufactured grocery bag that already had reflective mylar lining.  These bags are commonly used to deliver groceries and available in so many sizes, and are very cheap and durable.

Once I finally got my hands on one of these grocery bags I came up with a plan to plumb it with UV LED strip lights like the original lamp I had built and create a pocket for the battery pack and some pockets for commonly used resin working tools.

Exploring a 3D printed option 

While the bag idea is successful because it uses so many readily available parts, I also wanted to create something that could be more scalable to the needs of smaller precision parts. In future log posts I'll be sharing a design for a smaller 3d printed USB powered UV curing lamp using the same mylar backed air foil material as the original design had to show the versatility of these components. 


John Opsahl wrote 09/25/2020 at 02:47 point

Good idea to make the device cheaper.

Really like the video sketches. What application do you use to make them?

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audreyobscura wrote 09/25/2020 at 04:27 point

Thanks! I made these using Procreate for the iPad  :D It has a feature where it captures a video of your sketch as you go. 

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