Testing the portable grocery bag turned DIY resin oven

A project log for Collapsible UV LED Lamp + Resin Oven

This tutorial goes over the making of a collapsible UV light, made from UV LED strips, and a flexible-but-rigid foil + air backer.

audreyobscuraaudreyobscura 10/01/2020 at 19:370 Comments

To test the soft grocery bag lamp unit, I 3D printed a box form I've been prototyping for another project that I had been coating with polyester resin in previous iterations..

Here's the part getting coated with UV activated resin with the help of a kitchen basting silicone brush, then going into the curing bag:

After 10 minutes under the lights, I removed the part from the bag.

Material properties observed:

Check out my last log post to see some conclusions around this style of lamp - thanks for checking out this iteration of the build!