I made this bendy UV lamp to fulfill my need for a UV 'fill light' that I could use for cyanotype printing. It turns out this lamp would also be perfect for small UV resin curing, and certainly, a great way to activate black light paint. 

!!July 2020 Project Update!! 

Check out the first project log here that goes over how I set up this lamp for easily deployable UV Resin curing

I've started to work more and more with the cyanotype photographic process. This is an analog photographic process that relies on a chemical reaction activated by UV light coming into contact with the photo-sensitive cyanotype medium. You may be familiar with our the earth's main source of UV light - the sun. The sun is a great way to expose cyanotypes, however, pesky clouds and wind can interrupt the exposure of your plate. 

I used mylar + air pack insulation as a backer for the LED strips. I know this material could be rigid, but also collapsible - when it's ready to be stored it quickly rolls up and can be stored in the closet.

The frame is made from 8x 24" PVC struts and joined with 4x 3-way elbow connectors that don't use cement, but are just pressure fit so it can also collapse and be reconstructed easily. 


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