Made of Mars + Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

An outfit made of Martian material. It provides awareness of its environment. Let's protect the Earth even if we can move to Mars.

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These fabrics were made of volcanic basalt, which is the most common rock on Mars.
This project began as a design challenge when my friend, J.R. Skok (a planetary geologist at the SETI Institute), provided me a bunch of basaltic fabrics to make something fashionable.

While I was trying to master constructions using these fabrics, I couldn't help but thinking when and why we would ever want to visit Mars. Apart from our scientific curiosity and exploration, could it be caused by in-habitability of the Earth environment? This dress embeds an optical dust sensor and a temperature sensor which gives warning about air pollution and global warming.

Accessories were also made to go with the dress.


I used A3 for dust sensor analogue pin to avoid sharing pins with other sensors on Adafruit Circuit Playground Express. The diagrams are from

JPEG Image - 36.01 kB - 09/28/2018 at 18:24



Reference code from Adafruit Circuit Playground Express "analog_sensor" example and dust sensor on Arduino UNO

ino - 5.16 kB - 09/28/2018 at 18:18


  • 1 × Adafruit Circuit Playground Express
  • 1 × Made of Mars fabrics
  • 1 × Optical dust sensor

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